Sunday, 15 December 2013

Simply Crochet Luxury Love and a Christmas Crochet Challenge for HanJan!

Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 13
So much love this month for the luxurious Simply Crochet issue! It is jam-packed with gorgeous projects perfect for getting over the massive rush of Christmas crafting... there is a wonderful story that indulges in a luxury bedroom just for you. I was lucky enough to design a rug using the most beautiful yarn - chunky, soft and squiggy - it feels amazing under your toes!

Alongside that, there is my cute design for the 'LOVE HOOK' mitts on the front cover! Again, another little treat that take hardly any time to whip up and you can personalise them any way you like...... go on, be adventurous!

In other HanJan news...a fab little(!) project from my little brother..... 'Hannah, can you make me into an Advent calendar for the Wear you Xmas Jumper to Work Day?!'

It's not an official pattern but was so much fun I thought I'd share it with you.

Our Advent Calendar Christmas Jumper!

Here's how we did it...

  • Nick bought a cheap jumper to fit him in dark green but you can use any colour you like. (I didn't have enough time to make a whole jumper!)
  • I made 24 small and 1 large rectangles in dc (sc for US) rows in red.
  • I then added the numbers using surface crochet - I didn't use a pattern as quite liked that they look like handwriting. The large rectangle was number 25 in case you were wondering...
  • We then sewed the rectangles on to the jumper leaving the top open to create little pockets.
  • Then we simply added sweets and chocolates (which I don't recommend as they melted!), and the whole of the office got to take their pick from him! The beer and bow were added at some point later I think and weren't part of the design but you get the idea..! 

               And just before I go - I have been lucky enough to come across another lovely blogpost about my fingerless mitts....check it out here: Stitching and Hooking Passions Blog                       
More Bobble Mitts by HanJan

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