Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Simply Crochet and Simply Beautiful

Happy New Year to you all!....A little late I realise, but the thought is still there!

Simply Crochet....

I am delighted to share a fab new magazine with you - Simply Crochet. It is from Future Publishing who are behind Simply Knitting and finally we have a whole magazine dedicated to us crochet fanatics - hurrah I hear you cry!

The magazine is fresh, fun and engaging for all skill levels with articles, patterns, interviews and much much more. It is a granny-tastic take on all things crochet and I can't wait to see what they come up with next month! It is available from all good magazine stockists and you can also get some great online deals if you sign up for a subscription.

Simply Beautiful....
I also wanted to share a blanket pattern with you perfect for any Spring baby girls on their way... Freya's Flower Blanket is my take on a vintage vibe baby blanket - it uses lots of little squares, some plain, some glittery (!), some with flowers and some pink, all joined with a textured double crochet (single for US), and edged with a pretty picot style edge. It is inspired by a blanket that I had as a baby that I saw in an old photograph!

You simply make 35 squares of the same pattern, 14 of which have flowers worked into them. The blanket here is worked in a combination of whites and pinks but there are endless possibilities for you to make yours unique. Maybe you could try some pretty pastel colours?

The finished blanket measures 60cm by 78cm and needs approximately 370g of DK wool in a mixtue of pink and white plain and shimmer yarns, all of which is detailed in the instructions.

 To find the pattern simply click through to my Etsy shop or follow the links below depending on whether you would like US or UK terms.

Freya Flower Blanket UK crochet pattern

Freya Flower Blanket US crochet pattern

I hope you enjoy it!

Coming soon.... a rustic boys bobble blanket - it's still in the making but can't wait for you to see it!