Monday, 15 October 2012

Mug Hugs and Baby Uggs....

Super Duper Mug Cozies
Cute Baby Ugg Style Boots

With winter approaching keeping warm and cosy has been on my mind - plus what to make everyone for Christmas this year too! The ideas for my latest patterns came about by accident. The mug cozy pattern was created on a wet and windy afternoon after sorting out my massive (!) stash of wool and trying to come up with an idea to use up all the odds and ends from other projects. What better way than this?


The mug cozies are a perfect beginners piece for many reasons:
  • they are made with quite a good size hook (4.5mm) so that the tension isn't too difficult and also doesn't really matter
  • they use really basic but varied stitches 
  • they aren't too big or take too long - nobody likes using the same stitch over and over again for your first project only to come out with a slightly wonky scarf! 
They are great as a little gift or make a set for coffee time at work so no more mixed up mugs. The best bit about them is adding personality with the colours and buttons. I have a large collection of vintage buttons that I pick up from charity shops and I just love picking the right one for each colour scheme.

The cozies are made from double knit yarn and when finished will fit most mugs of 20cm-27cm around. 

If you fancy having a go at the pattern then just click here for the mug cozy


These cute little numbers were the product of so many friends with little ones asking me for a baby boot pattern that actually stay on tiny feet! I have met the challenge with a winter boot pattern that has a chunky cuff and button fastening that means toasty warm toes and requires an accomplished escape artist of a child to get out of them!

They too are worked in double knit yarn so they are robust but also lovely and soft too. I have made so many of them already and have a great collection ready as Christmas stocking fillers.

These great little boots use up hardly any yarn so are a lovely little 'user-uper' and are finished off with, you guessed it, a gorgeous vintage button on each to secure. I have tried making them in all sort of colours, I think cream, navy or grey work best although I have made a cerise pink pair which are kind of crazy but I love them too.

If you would like to make a pair (or more..) then click here for the pattern

Super Duper Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern

Baby Ugg Style Boots Crochet Pattern

Coming up next are some scarf patterns that I have come up with - one is a snuggly zigzag bobble, the other is a soft lace dark grey with a ruffle edging which looks amazing clipped with a brooch. I also have a stretchy new snood pattern on the go - I'm using a yarn I've never come across before - it has quite a lot of elastane in it and loads of glitter.....

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