Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Flower Beanie Hats Pattern

After lots of thought about what exactly to post - I thought that writing about my patterns I've designed so far, or the projects I've made etc., but I finally decided to talk about my most recent designs and thier inspirations.

So to start with - my new pattern:


These hats came about after a lovely lady on Etsy messaged me asking for an adult or child version of a pattern I'd already listed. I messed around with my original pattern and came up with these. I used a variety of colour combinations in the hope that they would appeal to lots of different people and added 2 types of flowers with chunky buttons to finish.

This pattern would be perfect for anyone starting to learn to crochet - it uses really simple stitches and is an easy pattern to read. I decided to write the patterns out in full for each of the sizes as I find reading parentheses is so hard! I always get confused.

The pattern only uses about 70g of double knit wool so is really cheap to make and I can finish one in about an hour (I do work fast though...)

Unfortunately I don't have an array of heads to test them on but the smallest fitted my friends new baby and the largest fits me so I am assuming the rest will fit everyone between us!

Find this flower beanie pattern online

I hope you like it. Next up is a new blanket that I have designed, a gentle cream zigzag affair in soft 4ply baby wool.

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